NEW: ICCONS Cavity Set Drop-In Anchor

NEW: ICCONS Cavity Set Drop-In Anchor

Drop-In Anchorssesto marketing
ICCONS Cavity Set Drop-In Anchors feature a slotted, tapered expansion sleeve and a serrated expansion cone in its design. When fastening in hollow...
Sesto Fasteners Truck Ad Wide

NEW: Sesto's Big and Beautiful Truck Ads

Seismicsesto marketing
Who says big isn't beautiful? We're pleased as punch to announce the rollout of our all new eye catching Seismic Stainless Screwbolts truck ads. Ke...
NEW: Raptor® SDS Drill Bits Range

NEW: Raptor® SDS Drill Bits Range

Drillingsesto marketing
With the launch of Anchor Armour® V3, ICCONS® releases the all new Raptor® Range, strengthening the ICCONS® UPS strategy and completing the most c...
NEW: Free Drill Bit ECO Pack Offer

NEW: Free Drill Bit ECO Pack Offer

Bottom Platesesto marketing
Free SESTO Drill Bit with every ECO Pack We are thrilled to announce an exciting update to our product line! For the remainder of 2024, we're enha...
ICCONS Thunderbolt Screwbolt head close up image.

NEW: Thunderbolt Pro Hex M12x110mm Screwbolt

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Introducing the SXTB12110G Thunderbolt Pro Hex M12x110mm Galv Seismic Screwbolt We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the ICCONS / SES...
ICCONS Structnail Head Page Cover Image.

NEW: Structnails®

Nailssesto marketing
Downloads Structnail Catalogue May 2020 4008.1 - Structnail Ply Bracing TDS James Hardie Technical Supplement
ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro Truss head screws arranged in a row.

NEW: Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head

Thunderboltsesto marketing
A Silent Revolution in Construction Fastening In the ever-evolving landscape of construction fasteners, the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head quietly stan...
ATS Evo Heavy Duty panel anchor resting on black marble base.

NEW: ATS-EVO Heavy Duty Thin Panel Anchor

Expansion Anchorsesto marketing
Versatile Thin Panel Bolt: Suitable for use in both 125mm and 150mm precast concrete panels. When it comes to heavy-duty safety bolts, our ATS-EVO ...
Long Reach Hex Head ICCONS Screwbolts arranged in a long row.

NEW: HEX M6X150MM Long Reach Screwbolt

ETAsesto marketing
Introducing Our Latest Innovation: HEX M6X150MM Long Reach Screwbolt! We're excited to bring you a game-changer in the world of concrete anchorin...
Thunderbolt Pro Rod Hangers arranged in two rows as a display image.

NEW: Thunderbolt Pro Rod Hangers Galvanised

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Introducing the Thunderbolt Pro Rod Hanger: Elevating Suspended Solutions to New Heights! Now available in Galvanised finish! Looking for a rod han...
ICCONS Box Bolt Catalogue Cover Page

NEW: ICCONS® Box Bolts

Box Boltsesto marketing
Downloads Box Bolts Catalogue PDF
SESTO Car Comparison Infographic

Sesto Fastener's POWER GRID

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Sesto Fasteners is so dedicated to performance that we've decided to match up the capabilities of our two most powerful vehicles yet, to see which ...