ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro Truss head screws arranged in a row.

A Silent Revolution in Construction Fastening

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction fasteners, the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head quietly stands as a symbol of both form and function, offering a unique solution that seamlessly combines elegance with robust performance.


Visual Elegance meets Silent Strength:
Unlike traditional countersunk options, the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head features distinctive lightning bolt serrations, providing a sleek appearance while ensuring an exceptional grip. It's a game-changer for applications where a clean, unintrusive finish is paramount – such as decorative panels, edge brackets, feature walls, or carpet trim edging.
The Professional's Choice:
The Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head is more than just a fastener; it's a professional's choice. Crafted to marry the elegance of a low-profile head with the resilience of a hex head or pan head screwbolt, it brings a perfect balance of style and substance to the construction site.
Diverse Applications, One Solution:
From structural fixings in concrete to tunnel fit-outs, cable tray support systems, and beyond, the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head showcases its versatility. It's not about making waves; it's about making a difference in countless real-world construction challenges.
Signature Features:
Stamped head markings for easy identification, compliance with AS 5216:2021, and ETA assessments for cracked concrete, fire performance, and seismic ratings – the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head embodies reliability and innovation. Available in Zinc and corrosion-resistant Nautilus® C coating options, it offers durability without compromising on visual appeal.
In conclusion, the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head is more than a silent revolution; it's a dependable companion on your construction journey. It's not just a screw; it's a statement of reliability, versatility, and elegance in one. Upgrade to the Thunderbolt®PRO Truss Head – where construction fastening meets a perfect harmony of style and strength.