Promotional image showing pan head screwbolts arranged in a grid.

About Us

We are a New Zealand based business that provide a wide range of concrete anchors to give our re-sellers access to the latest in quality anchoring solutions. Our connection with world leading Anchoring brands allows us to ensure that our customers have access to over 40 years of experience and innovation.

SESTO Fasteners are an agent of ICCONS® Australia.​ The SESTO / ICCONS® supply partnership provides customers with superior product knowledge, availability and service. We specialise in Seismic ETA C1 C2 anchors while providing a quality commodity offering. 

Audi RS3 with Sesto Fasteners graphics in a construction site.

Specialty Screwbolts

Unlike through bolts or Sleeve anchors, a Screwbolt is not an expansion anchor. Expansion anchors cause unnecessary stress on the concrete or substrate material meaning the anchor has limitations. A Screwbolt threads itself through concrete or substrate, this is beneficial for a number of reasons.

  • Larger surface area spreads the load evenly down the shank of the screwbolt, allowing for far higher tension loads

  • Easy install time, efficient

  • Non-expansion, no stress on substrate

  • Screwbolts are removable and reusable

  • One piece anchor design, more robust than its counterparts, the Thru-bolt & Sleeve Anchor

Promo image showing ICCONS screwbolts arranged in sand on the beach.

Our Mission

To provide point of difference quality anchoring solutions with premium service.