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Building (Building Product Information Requirements) Regulations 2022

As of 11 December 2023, new regulations for building product information are in place. The Building (Building Product Information Requirements) Regulations 2022, or BPIR, set new minimum requirements for the level of information required about designated building products supplied to the New Zealand market. Sesto Fasteners is committed to meeting these requirements.

We are hard at work to ensure we continue to support New Zealand users with quality information that satisfies these new regulations. Information forms for each product are available on this page, as well as in the downloads section of each applicable product.

To learn more about BPIR, see the Building.govt Information Page, or read the full regulations at legislation.govt

BPIR Forms

Adhesive Anchors
Chemselect CIS Threaded Inserts
High Tensile Flat Cut Chem Stud
Chisel Point Stud
BIS-HY Gen 2 Hybrid Injection Adhesive
BIS-PE Gen 3 Pure Epoxy
BIS-P PolyPRO Gen 2 Injection Adhesive
Bottom Plate & Bracing Screwbolts
15KN Bracing Solution - Blue Head
Bottom Plate Screw Bolt - White Head
Bottom Plate Screw Bolt - Black Head
Drive Pins
PX Drive Pin - with 22mm Metal Washer Assembly
PX Drive Pins - 8mm Head
PX Drive Pin Ballistic Point - for Hard Concrete
PX Drive Pin - Metal Washer (22mm) with Top Hat
PX Drive Pin - with Top Hat Assembly
PX Collated Drive Pin
PX Collated Drive Pin - 9mm Head with Rubber Spring
Drop-In Anchors
XTM Drop-In Anchors (Non-Lipped) - Approved
Drop-In Anchors (Lipped and Reduced Embedment) - Approved
XTM Drop-In Anchors (Lipped) - Approved
Drop-In Anchor (Lipped)
Drop-In Anchor (Non Lipped)
Grabcon Concrete Framing Screw 
Grabcon Countersunk - Carbon Steel - Galvanised
Grabcon Hex Head - Carbon Steel - Galvanised
Hangerz for Steel
Hangerz for Timber
Insulation Fasteners
Insulation Fastener
Nylon Anchors
Friulsider FM-X5 Nylon Frame Fixing - Hex Head
Friulsider FM-X5 Nylon Frame Fixing - Countersunk
Friulsider TPP Hammer Screw - Removable Screw
Friulsider X1 Evo - Absolute Plug
Nylon Nail In Anchor - Round Head
Nylon Nail In Anchor - Mushroom Head
Nylon Nail In Anchor - Countersunk
Panel Shims
Panel Shim Plastic
Safety Bolts
ATS EVO Heavy Duty Safety Bolt - Countersunk
ATS EVO Heavy Duty Safety Bolt - Hex Head
Screw Bolts
ThunderBolt PRO-XTM Hex Head
ThunderBolt PRO-XTM Countersunk
ThunderBolt PRO Hex Head ETA
ThunderBolt PRO Countersunk ETA
TOGE TSM Screw Bolt - Hex Head
TOGE TSM Screw Bolt - Countersunk
TOGE TSM Screw Bolt - Pan Head
ThunderBolt PRO - EYE
Economy Screw Bolt
ThunderBolt PRO Rod Hanger
ThunderBolt PRO Tie - Down Anchor
TOGE TSM IM - Rod Hanger Assembly
Fibre-Stars for Fibre Cement Sheet (0.55-0.75mm Steel)
Self Drilling Flathead - Coarse Thread
Eyelet Purlin Screws
Sleeve Anchors
Sleeve Anchor - Hook Bolt
Sleeve Anchor - Eye Bolt
Sleeve Anchor - Flush Head
Sleeve Anchor - Countersunk
Sleeve Anchor - Hex Head
Strike Anchors
Strike Anchor - Mushroom Head
Strike Anchor - Countersunk
Strike Anchor - Form Work
Strike Anchor - Tie Wire Ceiling Hanger
FM753 Crack - Heavy Duty Through Bolt
Thru-Bolt PRO Stud Anchor
SYMPAFIX Through Anchor - A4 Stainless Steel
Nylon Plaster Bite - Fish Mouth - With Screw
Metal Plaster Bite - Fish Mouth - With Screw
Hollow Wall Anchor - for Use with Tool (HA-STHD)
Toggle Bite Self-Drilling Wall Anchor - with Screw
Hook Spring Toggle - Zinc
Round Head Spring Toggle - Zinc
Metal Drive Anchor