Bottom plate screwbolt vs throughbolt comparison infographic.

Bottom Plate: Screwbolt vs Throughbolt

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What is the Right Fastener for Bottom Plate Anchoring? Introduction: Bottom plate anchoring is a critical aspect of construction, ensuring the ...
Grabcon screw vs strike anchor comparison infographic.

Grabcon Screws vs. Strike Anchors

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Comparing the Strengths and Applications of Grabcon Concrete Screws and Strike Anchors Concrete anchors play a pivotal role in the construction in...
ICCONS Stainless Screwbolt Promotional graphic.

Stainless Steel Screwbolts vs Galvanised

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The Stainless Advantage: Why Stainless Steel Concrete Screwbolts Trump Galvanised Ones When it comes to securing structures, the choice between...
ICCONS Drive Pins, charges and strike anchors arranged in a display grid.

Choosing the Right Anchors: Strike Anchors vs. Drive Pins

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When it comes to anchoring solutions, it's essential to make the right choice for your project. Two popular options in this domain are Strike Ancho...
Screwbolt vs expansion anchor comparison infographic

Screwbolts vs. Expansion Anchors

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The Smarter Choice Are you looking for the perfect fastener for your project? Let's explore why Screwbolts should be your top choice.   [ 1. Ea...
Screwbolt vs Throughbolt comparison infographic

Screwbolts vs. Throughbolts

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Making the Case for Screwbolts in Concrete Fastening When it comes to concrete fasteners, the choice between Screwbolts and Throughbolts can signi...
Screw bolt vs adhesive anchor comparison infographic

Screwbolts vs. Adhesive Anchors

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A Comprehensive Comparison in Concrete Fastening Particular Advantages Adhesive Advantage over Screwbolts:One significant advantage of adhesives is...