Screw bolt vs adhesive anchor comparison infographic

A Comprehensive Comparison in Concrete Fastening

Particular Advantages

Adhesive Advantage over Screwbolts:
One significant advantage of adhesives is the ability to adjust the length or diameter of the anchor point, catering precisely to your application's requirements. Unlike Screwbolts, there's no need to adhere strictly to the set range provided.

Screwbolt Advantage over Adhesives:
Conversely, Screwbolts offer a distinct advantage with their removable and reusable design. Unlike adhesives, Screwbolts are not set permanently once installed.

Concrete fastening solutions play a pivotal role in construction projects, ensuring the structural integrity and stability of buildings. Among the myriad fasteners available, Screwbolts and Adhesive Anchors, often known as Dynabolts or Excalibur bolts, stand out as popular choices. In this in-depth comparison, we'll delve into the unique features of these fasteners, shedding light on their applications, strengths, and considerations.


ICCONS BIS-HY Hybrid Gen 2 Adhesive Anchor Features:

Extreme Load Performance and Fast Cure:
The BIS-HY Hybrid Gen 2 adhesive anchor excels with remarkable load performance, catering to a wide range of applications. Its quick 30-minute cure at 20ºC in dry concrete enhances efficiency, saving valuable time on construction sites.

Versatility and Approvals:
BIS-HY stands out as a versatile solution approved for cracked concrete, fire resistance, potable water applications, and seismic activities. Its low VOC content aligns with environmentally friendly practices for green projects. The adhesive's 100-Year Design Life guarantees longevity and reliability across diverse construction scenarios.

Applications and Use Conditions:
From infrastructure construction to production facilities, BIS-HY finds applications in various settings. It accommodates threaded rods, rebar, and threaded sleeves in both cracked and non-cracked concrete conditions. The adhesive is suitable for dry, wet, and flooded holes, providing flexibility in installation conditions.


ICCONS Thunderbolt®PRO Hex Head Screwbolt Features:

AS 5216 Compliance and Versatile Designs:
Compliant with AS 5216 standards, Thunderbolt®PRO Hex Head Screwbolts underscore their reliability in construction applications. Available in hex head, countersunk head, and internal thread head designs, these Screwbolts offer flexibility for different construction requirements.

Stamped Head Markings and Coating Options:
Easy identification and traceability are ensured with stamped head markings on Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts. The availability of zinc, galvanised, and stainless steel finishes, including the corrosion-resistant Nautilus® C coating, adds an extra layer of customisation to meet specific project needs.

Fast Installation and No Expansion:
Installation of Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts is quick and straightforward – a simple drill, clean the hole, and screw in the anchor. Crucially, these Screwbolts generate low expansion forces, making them ideal for close-to-edge applications where expansion forces might pose challenges.

Versatility in Applications:
Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts find applications in structural fixings, tunnel fit-outs, cable tray support systems, seismic bracing, facade structures, guardrails, and more. Their precisely engineered design allows for efficient load distribution, making them a versatile and reliable choice in diverse construction scenarios.


Applications Suited for ICCONS Thunderbolt®PRO Hex Head Screwbolts:

ICCONS Thunderbolt®PRO Hex Head Screwbolts prove to be an excellent choice in various applications where their unique features and characteristics shine:

1. Structural Fixings:
The Thunderbolt®PRO's high load performance and versatile design make it suitable for structural fixings in both residential and commercial construction projects.

2. Tunnel Fit-Out:
In tunnel construction, where fast and efficient installation is crucial, Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts offer a reliable solution for securing structural elements and support systems.

3. Cable Tray Support Systems:
Thunderbolt®PRO is ideal for fastening cable tray support systems due to its ease of installation, no expansion forces, and ability to provide a secure and stable connection.

4. Seismic Bracing of MEP Systems:
In seismic zones, where the structural integrity of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems is paramount, Thunderbolt®PRO's seismic rating and no-expansion characteristics make it a suitable choice.

5. Facade Structures:
The versatility of Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts makes them well-suited for securing facade structures, offering a reliable and stable connection in various base materials.

6. Guardrails and Protective Barriers:
Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts provide a secure fastening solution for guardrails and protective barriers, ensuring the safety and stability of these essential elements.

7. Machinery and Plant Equipment:
The quick installation and high load performance of Thunderbolt®PRO make it an ideal choice for fastening machinery and plant equipment securely.

8. Stadium and Theatre Seating:
Thunderbolt®PRO's versatility and ease of installation make it a suitable option for securing stadium and theatre seating structures.

9. Acoustic Barriers:
When installing acoustic barriers, Thunderbolt®PRO offers a fast, efficient, and reliable solution for anchoring these structures in various base materials.

10. Balustrades and Handrails:
The choice of head profiles and the secure connection provided by Thunderbolt®PRO make it a preferred option for fixing balustrades and handrails in place.


Applications Suited for ICCONS BIS-HY Hybrid Gen 2 Adhesive Anchors:

ICCONS BIS-HY Hybrid Gen 2 Adhesive Anchors excel in applications where the unique characteristics of adhesive anchors are essential:

1. Infrastructure Construction:
Adhesive anchors, like BIS-HY, are well-suited for infrastructure construction projects, including roads, viaducts, sound barriers, and high-rise construction.

2. Production Facilities:
In production facilities, where the installation of heavy equipment like cranes, robots, and conveyor lines is common, BIS-HY provides a reliable and durable anchoring solution.

3. Close to Edge Applications:
Adhesive anchors are advantageous in close-to-edge applications, where low expansion forces and the ability to avoid concrete damage are critical considerations.

4. Threaded Rod and Rebar Installation:
BIS-HY is suitable for anchoring threaded rods and rebar in various concrete conditions, providing a strong and durable connection.

5. Cracked and Non-Cracked Concrete:
Adhesive anchors are versatile and suitable for use in both cracked and non-cracked concrete, offering flexibility in construction scenarios.

6. Seismic Applications (C2 Approval):
BIS-HY's seismic C2 approval for threaded rod makes it a reliable choice in seismic zones, ensuring the safety and stability of anchored elements during seismic events.

7. Fire-Resistant Installations:
With a fire rating of F120 (2 hours), BIS-HY is suitable for applications requiring fire-resistant anchor solutions, adding an extra layer of safety in critical scenarios.

8. Potable Water Installations:
Adhesive anchors like BIS-HY are approved for use in potable water applications, making them suitable for projects with specific water safety requirements.

9. Low VOC for Green Projects:
BIS-HY's low VOC content aligns with green building practices, making it an environmentally friendly choice for sustainable construction projects.


In conclusion, Thunderbolt®PRO Screwbolts are well-suited for applications where quick installation, ease of removal, and no-expansion characteristics are essential. On the other hand, BIS-HY Adhesive Anchors excel in infrastructure construction, projects with high load requirements, and applications with specific approval needs, such as fire resistance and potable water use.

The choice between the two depends on the specific demands of the project and the desired characteristics for successful and reliable concrete fastening.