Screwbolt vs expansion anchor comparison infographic

The Smarter Choice

Are you looking for the perfect fastener for your project? Let's explore why Screwbolts should be your top choice.

1. Easy Install, Removal, and Reuse:

Installing Screwbolts is a breeze, and their full threading allows for effortless removal and reuse. Sleeve anchors, on the other hand, are a one-time deal, requiring grinding for removal and leaving an eyesore behind.
2. Strength, Stress, and Safety:
Screwbolts, as screw anchors, exert minimal stress on substrates, making them ideal for close-to-edge applications. Expansion anchors, by contrast, rely on friction in pre-drilled holes and can risk cracking when near edges. Screwbolts distribute load over a larger area, ensuring superior strength.
3. High Strength vs. Mild Steel:
Screwbolts are crafted from high-strength carbon steel, perfect for structural needs. Their threaded design offers higher load capacity than equivalent-diameter expansion anchors. Sleeve anchors typically use lower-grade steel (5, limiting their structural applications.
4. Head Marking for Identification:
Screwbolts feature dimensions stamped on their heads, making post-install identification a breeze. Sleeve anchors, especially hex head variants, lack this feature, making it challenging to determine their depth after installation.
5. Aesthetic Head Finish:
Choose from various Screwbolt head profiles like Hex, Pan, and Countersunk for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing finish. Sleeve anchors, with their "thread through nut" design, leave an unattractive head finish.
Make the smart choice for your projects—opt for Screwbolts!