Sesto Fasteners Truck Ad with fasteners arranged around adhesive.
When it’s PLATINUM it’s Hybrid. Combining the superior strength of concrete Epoxy Adhesive Anchor with a fast cure concrete vinylester. Fire Rating F120 (2 hours) and assessed for use in temperatures up to 160°C. ICCONS® BIS=HY is a rapid cure, styrene free, nonsag, extreme performance Hybrid Injectable Concrete Adhesive. BIS-HY is suitable for Threaded Rod and Rebar in cracked and non-cracked concrete and Australia’s first rapid cure with Seismic C2 assessment for threaded rod.

Hybrid Gen2 Product

ICCONS Adhesive profile view.
BIS-HY Hybrid Injectable Concrete Adhesive Anchor:
  • Extreme strength load performance
  • Assessed for use in cracked concrete
  • 30 min rapid cure time at 20°C dry concrete
  • Perfect for rebar
  • Perfect for threaded studs and inserts
  • Suitable for water flooded holes
  • Fire rated
  • European technical assessment 



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