ICCONS Drive Pins arranged in a pile, promo image.

Powder actuated tools, direct acting or piston driven, use an explosive charge or power load to install a drive pin typically through timber into a solid base material such as steel, concrete, or masonry. It is direct action in that it eliminates any pre-drilling or tightening to expand an anchor.

Drive pins are mainly designed for temporary fixing timber to concrete, for applications such as boxing or formwork. On some occasions, Drive pins will be used to keep framing in place until a bottom plate concrete anchor can be installed.

The SESTO Fasteners PX Drive Pin with metal washer assembly is a common Powder Actuated consumable, as it is used for numerous fixing applications to concrete and steel. The 22mm metal washer increases the pins bearing surface and therefore has increased resistance to pullover. These Powder Actuated Drive Pins can be used in almost all of the common powder actuated tools, such as the ICCONS PX375 and other leading brands of single shot piston tools.

Drive Pin Products

ICCONS Drive Pin side profile image showing dimensions.
ICCONS Drive Pins box side view.