ICCONS Thunderbolt Screwbolt Promo Image, side angle profile.
In the ever-evolving world of construction, the choice of concrete anchors plays a crucial role in determining the stability and longevity of structures. Among the options available, Thunderbolt®Pro Screwbolts stand out as a revolutionary solution, offering a myriad of advantages over traditional expansion bolts. They are often incorrectly called and excalibur bolt, dynabolt or even wedge bolt, Screwbolts are the preferred choice of engineers and architects in New Zealand, Thunderbolt®Pro sets a new standard for high-tensile, self-tapping concrete and masonry anchors.

The Thunderbolt®Pro Advantage

1. Versatility Across Materials: One of the standout features of Thunderbolt®Pro is its ability to anchor in various materials. Whether it's concrete, block, brick, timber, marble, or stone, Thunderbolt®Pro is engineered to deliver optimum performance across a wide range of base materials.

2. High Load Capacities: Thunderbolt®Pro achieves the highest loads while exerting minimal expansion forces. This makes it an excellent alternative to adhesive anchors, providing a robust solution for applications ranging from racking and shelving to demanding structural steel projects.

3. Reduced Stress on Substrate: Unlike traditional expansion anchors that create stress on the substrate, Thunderbolt®Pro's innovative design minimises these forces. By keying into the base material for the entire depth and diameter of the hole, it distributes forces evenly, allowing for close anchor spacing and near-to-edge installations without compromising structural integrity.

4. Removability and Reusability: A key advantage of Thunderbolt®Pro is its complete removability, making it an ideal choice for temporary applications. Traditional expansion bolts, once installed, cannot be removed or reused, whereas Thunderbolt®Pro provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

5. Efficient Installation: The installation process for Thunderbolt®Pro is quick and straightforward. Drill, clean the hole, and screw in the anchor. The one-piece design, coupled with sharp thread forming teeth, ensures a secure and efficient connection, reducing installation time and costs.

Technical Excellence

1. Compliance: Thunderbolt®Pro is AS 5216 compliant, meeting the highest standards for performance and safety in construction applications.

2. ETA Assessments: The entire Thunderbolt®Pro range comes equipped with ETA assessments for cracked concrete, fire performance, and seismic ratings. This ensures that the product meets stringent technical specifications for a wide array of construction scenarios.

3. Head Design: The countersunk head design, featuring "lightning bolt" locking serrations, provides a secure fix, while stamped head markings enable easy identification and traceability.

4. Coating Options: Thunderbolt®Pro is available with zinc and corrosion-resistant Nautilus® C coating options, enhancing durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Applications Across Industries

Thunderbolt®Pro finds application in a diverse range of construction scenarios, including:

- Structural fixings in cracked and uncracked concrete
- Tunnel fit-out
- Cable tray support systems
- Seismic bracing of MEP systems
- Fastening steel strut channel and support straps for MEP
- Facade structures
- Guard rails
- Bollards and protective barriers
- Machinery and plant equipment
- Stadium and theatre seating
- Acoustic barriers
- Balustrades and handrails
- Scaffolding ties
- Formwork
- Plumbing and fire services
- Steel frame construction
- Timber frame construction
- Glazing, windows, and storefronts
- Racking and shelving
- Fixings wood structures in concrete


ICCONS Thunderbolt®Pro Screwbolts represent a paradigm shift in concrete anchoring technology. Their versatility, high load capacities, reduced stress on substrates, and efficient installation make them the superior choice for construction professionals seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution. As the construction industry continues to advance, Thunderbolt®Pro sets the standard for innovation and performance in concrete anchoring.