Box Bolt installed in a row to steel box framing.

The BoxBolt presents itself as a versatile alternative to welding, with a design formulated to establish a robust geometrical interlock. The mechanism involves a sleeve that expands within the connection, ensuring stability and strength across various structural sections.


Application Versatility:

Applicable to various structural shapes including rectangular, square, and circular hollow sections.
Designed with a hexagon head to facilitate easy installation using a standard spanner.
Installation Efficiency:
While BoxBolt aligns with the need for swift installation, the utilisation of the BoxSok installation tool can further optimise installation time.
Alternative to welding, no need to:
Prepare surfaces to weld
Position welding equipment
Perform weld
Leave to cool (under supervision)
Perform proof test on the weld
Adaptability and Options:
• Available in a Hex head Galvanised finish with multiple lengths and diameters, aiming to provide flexibility for diverse environments and applications.
Compliance and Approvals.
BoxBolt has undergone a series of assessments and approvals.
ETA assessed
Approved for use by Lloyd's Register (LR)
ICC-ES rated
Complies with the latest steel construction codes worldwide
Reference in AISC Manual:
BoxBolt is referenced as a potential solution for connecting Hollow Steel Sections in the AISC manual, presenting an option for consideration in specific applications within the industry.
In the spirit of informed decision-making, we encourage industry professionals to explore and evaluate the functionality of BoxBolt in aligning with project-specific requirements and standards. It is vital to validate all product choices with your project specifications and regulatory compliance.