Large 18 x 300mm ICCONS Screwbolt compared to tiny 5 x 50 mm screwbolt
In the world of construction and engineering, precision is paramount. Too often, however, the available fastener ranges limit the possibilities. That's where we step in – offering a Screwbolt range that goes beyond the ordinary, opening doors to innovation and heightened performance.
Breaking the Mould: Bigger and Better
While conventional ranges tend to cap at 12mm, our Screwbolt collection takes a bold step forward with diameters like our 14mm and 18mm, and lengths up to 300mm. This matters more than you might think. The larger range isn't just about size; it's about allowing engineers and architects with a broader canvas for their creations.
Diverse Loading, Unlimited Solutions
A critical aspect of our expanded range is the ability to address a spectrum of loading requirements. Engineers thrive on variability, and with our Screwbolts, they gain a wider palette to match the demands of diverse projects. This translates into more freedom in design and execution.
Off-the-Shelf Brilliance
Our Screwbolt range provides a wider variety; it offers off-the-shelf design loads, eliminating the need for compromise.
A Unified Source
In a field where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, having a single, trusted source for a variety of concrete anchors is a game-changer. We are proud to be that source, simplifying the lives of engineers and architects by offering a comprehensive Screwbolt range under one roof. Our sizes range from 5x50mm all the way up to 18x300, with 30 different Screwbolt sizes in total.