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Eyelet Purlin Screw Socket Driver profile image.
ICCONS eyelet purlin screw used for attaching tie wire systems.
Standard grey nylon plug used with standard wood screws and chipboard screws
The Thunderbolt pro rod hanger is a screwbolt with an internal thread for use in overhead applications such as hvac installation
Sesto Fasteners economy screw bolt in side profile.
Concrete strike anchor with a tie wire head. Profile image.
Sleeve anchor with an 8mm hook head in zinc finish.
Sleeve anchor with an 8mm eye head in zinc finish.
pvcw pvc plug screw drywall fixing white
Driver socket for concrete hangers photo in profile.
Photo of driver socket for steel and timber hangers
hangers for steel vertical rod hanger
hangers for timber vertical rod hanger
PBMETAL-WS is a metal plaster made for fastening to drywall or GIB
PBNYLON-WS is a nylon plaster bite made for fastening to drywall or GIB
PCVR PVC drywall fixing plug side image.
PVCR Drywall fixing side image in green.
pvcr drywall fixing side image in red.
NNC65050 nylon anchor for concrete countersunk with hammer screw zinc
Nylon anchor with mushroom head and zinc finish.
ICCONS Nylon anchor with round head side image finished in zinc.
SAF10045 zinc coated concrete sleeve anchor flush head image.
ICCONS concrete sleeve anchor with countersunk head.

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