ICCONS 3 Cutter SDS Plus drill bit promo image.

The ICCONS 3 Cutter SDS Plus masonry drill bits are equipped with a solid carbide head with 3 cutting edges which enables fast and reliable drilling in concrete. The solid carbide 3 cutter head lends to faster and more precise drilling, making them perfect for rapid anchor installation. The tough cutting edges make the 3 Cutter very durable and are the ideal drill bits for concrete, asphalt, clinker, marble, brickwork, stone, and granite.


• Multicutter for concrete
• Robust head with 3 edges for long life
• Solid carbide head for powerful drilling progress
• Exceptionally fast
• Easy positioning thanks to centring point on head
• Wear mark on both sides of cutter - guarantees diameter accuracy (essential for anchor installation)
• Low vibration
• PGM Certification

• Heavy concrete
• Prestressed concrete
• Asphalt
• Concrete
• Sand and lime stone
• Clinker
• Marble
• Brickwork
• Natural stone
• Granite