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ICCONS® Business

With operations across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand together with a development base in Europe, ICCONS® is an exciting construction products provider, dedicated to supplying a broad range of innovative product systems and services. Working with global partners, ICCONS® offer the latest technology in construction fastening systems, installation tooling and accessories.

With a proven track record and decades of knowledge the highly experienced team at ICCONS® has built integrity and respect throughout the construction world cementing connections across the globe that have fostered strong commercial ties with the core foundation being trust, loyalty and performance.

With warehouse and office locations throughout the world, ICCONS® is leading the way in supporting partners, distribution and end users.


Partners & Distribution Networks

With the increased demand for higher credentialed anchoring systems ICCONS® and SESTO work in collaboration with ISO 9001 certified manufacturing partners. For specific projects calling for problem solving and significant innovation, our European supply partners provide ICCONS® with the ability to locate solutions with recognised global approvals for high performance mechanical and adhesive anchoring that solve the most challenging of applications.

ICCONS® Australian distribution network provides national coverage like no other. With our sales support team, the ICCONS® dealer network is always available to assist on-site with training and technical recommendations.


Engineering Program

The ICCONS® SERVICE program is now delivering the Australian & New Zealand market place a refreshing, versatile and innovative service that problem solve, locate, source and deliver.

ICCONS® Commercial Engineering program provides engineering design support and expertise for our distribution partners and design professionals looking for innovative anchoring solutions that comply with the latest National Construction Code requirements.

Supporting engineers, designers and contractors with tenders, problem solving and providing design consultation is the ICCONS® philosophy. ICCONS® has a national team of engineers available for design advice and site support. Our engineering team is also available for presentation seminars (conducted at your office/facility) which deliver a comprehensive insight into the unique ICCONS® product range, latest standards and industry developments.


Compliant Products

There have been significant moves by the Australian & New Zealand fastening industry to promote safety and the need for better regulation for fastening through the development of standards and technical specifications providing minimum requirements for code compliant anchoring systems. With European Technical Assessments (ETA’s) being the benchmark and with the introduction of AS 5216:2021, ICCONS® is leading the way with compliance;


  • AS 5216:2021 compliant adhesive & mechanical anchoring solutions
  • ETA Assessed Anchoring Solutions
  • Cracked & Un-Cracked Concrete options
  • Seismic assessed fastenings (C1 & C2 compliant)
  • High Corrosion Stainless Steel (HCR) Anchors
  • Fire Performance Data and Approvals
  • Major Infrastructure and Tunnelling Expertise
  • AS 3850: 2015 Compliant Bracing Anchors
  • 100 year design life ETA assessed options
  • VOC certified adhesive solutions
  • Dustless drilling & diamond coring solutions
  • Potable Water Approved Adhesive Solutions


Process To-Go-To Market

It all begins by identifying market needs and in turn sourcing solutions through our vast range of Global Partners. With the guidance of our engineering team we develop products that comply to required standards and the National Construction Code. ICCONS® range a suite of AS 5216:2021 compliant brands offering huge flexibility in design solutions.

With the support of our Global Partners and their vast laboratory capabilities along with ICCONS® Head Office Laboratory, all products are extensively tested and reviewed for quality and compliance. Further development is conducted on-site to verify performance where site specific conditions influence product performance.

ICCONS® further investigates, identifies and locks in specific product range needs and with official testing and compliance completed manufacture begins via one of our Global Partners. Identification and traceability is critical when introducing compliant products to market with ICCONS® offering strategic compliant packing solutions for easy identification.

Marketing of ICCONS® compliant products includes implementation into ICCONS® DesignPRO Software offering ease of design calculations while brand development and product personality is commissioned including full documentation in the form of brochures, data sheets, packaging together with internet and social media requirements which are all available via the award winning ICCONS® web platform


Approved Drilling Solutions

European Technical Assessments (ETA’s) for anchors and their installation demands the use of suitable drill bits. Suitable drill bits can be identified
under site conditions by simply looking for the PGM mark on the drill bit. The PGM mark is a symbol of quality and provides the installer with a correctly drilled hole for safe anchor installation.


Testing Laboratories 

ICCONS® in-house test laboratory located in Melbourne, Australia provides testing capabilities in accordance with current Australian standards as well as bespoke testing for project specific applications. Testing equipment is independently maintained and calibrated by Australian NATA accredited laboratories. Extensive testing is also undertaken in partnership with ICCONS® BRAND partners based in Europe and in accordance with the latest European Assessment documents (EAD).


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