ThunderBolt®PRO-XTM Rod Hanger

Sesto FastenersSKU: SXTM-IM06057


The Thunderbolt Pro-XTM Rod Hanger features quick and safe installation, high load capacities in both cracked and non-cracked concrete with undercut load transmission. National Code Compliant (NCC), ETA Approved in Cracked Concrete, Fire Rated and CE Certified, this Rod Hanger is perfect for applications requiring safety critical threaded rod suspension, such as AC ducting, hanging pipe, fire protection, and cable-tray applications. The Thunderbolt Pro-XTM Rod Hanger can be easily removed and does not leave residue or metal components in the drilled hole that can cause corrosion. Loads can be achieved immediately upon installation

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Thunderbolt®PRO-XTM Technical Data Sheet

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