Thru-Bolt PRO Stud Anchor

Sesto FastenersSKU: TB06085

Finish: Zinc
Size: 6 x 85mm



Non rated Thru-Bolt Technical Data

1031.7 Thru-Bolt Pro TDS

Thru-Bolt Bottom Plate Technical Data

Tie Wire Thru-Bolt Technical Data

Independent Test Report for M12 x 135mm Bottom Plate Thru-Bolt

Thru-Bolt European Technical Assessment

BPIR Form: Thru Bolt PRO Stud Anchor

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ICCONS® THRU-BOLT™ PRO is a pre-assembled torque controlled mechanical stud anchor, which when tightened draws the tapered end of the bolt into the expander clip expanding it to create expansion forces against the wall of the hole. This anchor is ideal for quickly fixing steel and timber structures to a range of base materials (concrete, cracked concrete, brick, block, rock, and stone).
Now available with ETA in zinc, sherardised and stainless steel variants. Seismic approved for zinc finish only (selected sizes and lengths). This anchor is used in countless applications in both residential and commercial construction.

• Torque controlled high performance anchor
• Through fixing for fast installation
• Engineered clip for optimum expansion and anti-rotation
• Red ETA embedment depth mark providing ease of installation on site
• Available in zinc and sherardised corrosion resistant finish
• ETA assessed – ETA 20/0900
• Uncracked and cracked concrete assessed
• AS 5216 compliant
• Seismic C1 and C2 assessed (Sherardised & Zinc)
• Fire assessed (zinc and sherardised finish)
• Identification code on bolt head for easy traceability

• Ideal for fastening columns and beams
• Perfect for quickly fixing steel and timber structures to a range of base materials
• Concrete
• Brick
• Block
• Marble
• Stone
• Suitable for both residential and commercial construction


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