Strike Anchor - Tie Wire Ceiling Hanger

Sesto FastenersSKU: STTW05

Size: 5mm



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BPIR Form: Strike Anchor Tie Wire


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Tie Wire Head Strike Anchors (aka the proprietary name Spike Anchor) is a single piece, tie-wire, hammer in anchor for use in solid base materials such as concrete, brick, block, stone and other masonry. The S shaped kink in the Strike Anchor generates expansion forces once the anchor has been hammered into the pre-drilled hole. This anchor is a fast and economical way provide a tie-wire eyelet point in solid base materials. Strike Anchors are manufactured pre-expanded and simply require setting with a hammer, without the need for secondary tightening for installation, making it a common choice for fast installation applications. The tie-wire head is perfect for suspending ceilings, attaching cable ties, support wires and ducting systems.

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