Friulsider FM-X5 Nylon Frame Fixing - Hex Head

Sesto FastenersSKU: FMX5TH10085G

Finish: Galvanised
Size: 10 x 85mm



FM-X5 Catalogue

FM-X5 Nylon Plug Flyer

FM-X5 Technical Data

FM-X5 Aerated Concrete TDS 1037.1

Friulsider FMX5 Nylon Frame Fixing ETA 10-0415

ETA Certificate of Conformity- 1404 CPR 2557

Salt Spray Test FM-X5 3DG

Friulsider FM-X5 Declaration of Performance

BPIR Form: Friulsider FM-X5 Hex Head


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The Friulsider FM-X5 Nylon Frame Fixing is the most versatile of its kind, guaranteeing a perfect installation in all major base materials. FM-X5 distinguishes itself for its innovative multi-expansion that creates undercuts with various shapes and diameters: the plug occupies all empty spaces, while the tip has a differentiated expansion, increasing pull-out resistance and safety. Available in a Hex for quick and simple application.

• Hex head for quick application
• Comes pre-assembled to ensure an immediate functional use of the plug
• FM-X5 is made of a high quality nylon which has a very high percentage of elastomer allowing for smooth screwing
• Can be inserted by hand during the initial insertion stage
• Maximum versatility
• Has a fire resistance class of 90 minutes
• ETA approved and National Code Compliant

• Facade and roofing substructures
• Insulation fixings
• Profiles
• Concrete
• Stone
• Solid brick
• Hollow brick
• Aerated concrete

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