Fibre-Stars for Fibre Cement Sheet (0.55-0.75mm Steel)

Sesto FastenersSKU: SDFLSE0820C3

Size: 8-18 x 20mm



Fibre Stars Technical Bulletin

Screw Guide (Self Drill and Type 17) TDS

BPIR Form: Fibre-Stars


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Fibre-stars are the best option for fast and clean fibre cement sheet fixing to steel studs. This specialty screw drills fast and clean with its aggressive rotating cutting head, reducing board mushrooming and leaving the screw fully self embedded. Kaitex C3 coating is tested to ASTM B1137-1000 hours salt spray resistance, making it ideal for both internal and external use.

• Phillips No 2 Bit FREE in Each Tub
• No Pre-drilling required
• Internal and external use
• Kaitex C3 tested to ASTM B1137-1000 hours salt spray resistance
• Aggressive rotating cutting head leaves screw head fully self-embedded
• Reduced mushrooming of board

• Fixing fibre cement sheeting to steel studs
• Perfect for both internal and external applications


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