Drop-in Anchor (Lipped)

Sesto FastenersSKU: DLPM1025

Size: 10 x 25mm



Drop in Technical Information

BPIR Form: Drop In Anchor (Lipped)


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ICCONS lipped drop-in anchors are a single piece internally threaded expansion anchor suitable for solid base material available in carbon steel zinc plated. The anchor is set by displacement of the pre-assembled expander cone to enable full expansion of the anchor body. *User must ensure the correct size of setting tool is used in conjunction with the correct size drop-in anchor. The lip feature ensures the anchor will mount flush with the concrete surface for consistency. The internal thread is suitable for machined bolts or threaded rod.

• Lip ensures flush setting regardless of hole depth
• Enables the user to invisibly fix the partially countersunk anchors when dealing with temporary fixings
• Suitable for cracked and non-cracked concrete as well as base materials with sufficiently high compression characteristics
• Metric internal thread, suitable for bolts and threaded rods
• Can be installed with ICCONS lipped drop-in anchor setting tool or SDS-Plus setting tool kit

• Suspension systems, pipes, air ducts, sprinkler systems, and other metric thread applications

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