Chembolt - Asphalt Fixing

Sesto FastenersSKU: CBA10070

Finish: Zinc
Size: 10 x 70mm



2006.5: Chembolt Asphalt TDS

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ICCONS Chembolt Asphalt Fixing is a specialist chemical anchor that provides high durability and fixing loads where an internal thread is required. This anchor is ideal for asphalt applications because the metal anchor, combined with a chemical adhesive provides a strong anchor point where fixings can be removed if they are damaged or temporary objects (speed bumps, signs, barriers).

• Specifically designed for Asphalt and Tarmac applications
• Combined with ICCONS BIS Adhesive injections range
• M10 and M12 internal thread variants available
• Extremely durable
• Economical, fast and easy to install

• Speed bumps
• Signs
• Temporary or damaged fixings into asphalt or tarmac

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