ATS EVO Heavy Duty Safety Bolt - Hex Head

Sesto FastenersSKU: ATSeS10070

Size: 10 x 70mm



ATS EVO Tech Brochure

ATS EVO Heavy Duty Safety Bolt Seismic Certification

ATS EVO European Technical Assessment

ATS EVO Declaration of Performance

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BPIR Form: ATS EVO Safety Bolt Hex Head

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First in Safety, First in Seismic C2 Certification. The ATS-EVO heavy duty anchor by Friulsider is the ideal anchor for extreme load performance.  Trusted by engineers and architects in New Zealand.

SAFE INSTALLATION: Optimal expansion guaranteed by the coupling of the cone and body.
UNIFORM EXPANSION: Single piece three expanding segments.
ANTI-ROTATION: The special bush shape prevents rotation.

Certified for seismic applications (C1 and C2), cracked concrete approved and fire resistance certification. Available in Hex Head or Countersunk Head variations.

• Carbon Steel Class 8.8
• Thick sleeve for high shear strength
• NCC: National Code Compliant
• CE Certified
• Seismic Certification (C1 and C2)
• Cracked Concrete approved
• Fire resistance Certification
• Extreme Load Performance
• Available in Hex, threaded and countersunk

• Steel/Aluminium constructions which require a high certified level of safety
• Suspended applications
• Data centres and high risk applications
• Heavy duty machinery
• Airports and transport infrastructure
• Structural applications in seismic areas
• Bridging and tunnelling
• Public infrastructure
• Warehouse logistics

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