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Poly-Shots - For fastening polycarbonate roof sheets to steel (up to 3.0mm) or timber battens. The Poly-Shot comes fully assembled, only requires the use of one tool, and has a class 4 coating for durability.

ICCONS® is proud to offer a range of high quality, corrosion resistant Self-Drilling Screws for the Australian marketplace. ICCONS® guarantees the Structural Integrity of the Nautilus® Self-Drilling Screws against the effects of corrosion or other metallurgical manufacturing defects. ICCONS® references International Standard ISO 9223:2012(E) as guidance for establishing the screw warranty periods and conditions within. Atmospheric conditions, pollution levels,chemicals, humidity and wetness all have a large impact on the expected serviceable life of the screws. ISO9223:2012(E) provides guidelines to assist in determining the severity of the corrosive environment that the ICCONS® Nautilus® screws will be exposed to. ICCONS® follows ISO 9223:2012 (E) Categories C2 to CX and will warrant the structural integrity of the screw and washer system for the period indicated in each category. It should be noted the ICCONS® Warranty covers the structural integrity and performance of the screw, and does not include the aesthetic appearance of the coating.


Poly-Shot for Steel

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Poly-Shots for Timber

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