ICCONS Countersunk Head Stainless Screwbolts arranged in a row.

Balustrades and handrails are critical components of any structure, providing safety and support for stairs, balconies, and other elevated areas. Choosing the right fastener is crucial to ensure the structural integrity and safety of these installations. Here are some considerations and options for fasteners suitable for balustrades and handrails:

Strength and Load Capacity

Balustrades and handrails must withstand significant loads, including the weight of individuals leaning or pushing against them. Therefore, it's essential to select fasteners with appropriate load capacities.

Corrosion Resistance

Balustrades and handrails are often installed outdoors or in high-moisture environments, making corrosion resistance a critical factor. Stainless steel fasteners are popular choices for these applications.

Aesthetic Considerations

The appearance of fasteners can impact the overall aesthetics of the balustrade or handrail. Choose fasteners that complement the design and finish of the surrounding components. such as countersunk, truss head, flush head or pan head.

Ease of Installation

Consider the ease of installation. Fasteners with straightforward installation procedures can help reduce labor costs and ensure proper attachment.

Code Compliance

Ensure that the chosen fasteners comply with relevant building codes and standards for balustrades and handrails. These codes may dictate requirements for load capacity, spacing, and attachment methods.

Now, let's explore some specific fastener options suitable for balustrades and handrails:


Screwbolts are commonly used to secure structural elements to concrete substrates. For the best visual appeal and longevity of the structure, Stainless Steel Countersunk Screwbolts are the best overall option for balustrades and handrails.

Adhesive Anchors

Adhesive anchors are suitable for applications where drilling into the substrate is challenging or where aesthetic considerations require concealed fasteners. They aren’t the fastest to install so factoring speed of installation should be a consideration.

It’s important to remember that expansion anchors are not a good option for balustrades and handrails. These applications are often close to edge. Expansion anchors cause stress on the substrate making them bad choices for close to edge applications.

When selecting the best fastener for balustrades and handrails, consider the specific requirements of your project, including load capacity, material compatibility, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic preferences. Consulting with structural engineers and adhering to relevant building codes and standards will help ensure the safety and integrity of the installation.

In our opinion, the best overall concrete anchor to use for fastening balustrades and handrails to concrete is the Stainless Steel Countersunk Screwbolt. When factoring in install speed, load capacity, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic preferences, the Stainless Steel Countersunk Screwbolt comes out on top.