ICCONS Gen 3 Poly Pro Construction Adhesive promotional image.

When its CODE BLUE its PolyPRO.

ICCONS® BIS-P Gen2 PolyPRO is a Fast Cure, Styrene Free, Marine Grade Injection System for Anchoring Threaded Rod into Concrete, Hollow Brick and Block. Now with ETA Assessment Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete and C1 & C2 seismic performance ratings. ETA approved for use in wet and water flooded holes. This economical chemical concrete adhesive anchor is ideal for medium load requirement jobs in both the professional and DIY spaces

A low cost Seismic rated concrete adhesive, That provides high specifications for everyday applications like starter bar installation and low load stud installations.

ICCONS Poly Pro Gen 3 side profile view.

• ETA Approved
• Seismic C1 & C2 Approval
• High load performance
• National Code Compliant
• Potable Water Approved
• Option 1 for cracked & non-cracked concrete

Infrastructure construction (Roads, Viaducts, Sound Barriers, Crash Barriers, Harbours, High-rise Construction, Steel Construction)
Production Facilities (Installation of cranes, Robots, Conveyer lines etc.)

PolyPro Product